Bubble Witch Saga

Bubble Witch Saga 3.1.23

Social puzzle solving


  • Fun gameplay
  • Challenging puzzles


  • Gameplay designed with in-app purchases as feature
  • Excessive purchase notifications


Bubble Witch Saga is a puzzle game where you match different colored orbs to clear each stage.

The gameplay in Bubble Witch Saga is familiar and not anything truly original, but it does use the color matching mechanic very well. Each orb has a different point value. On the bottom are different cauldrons. When you break orbs and cause them to fall, they will fall into one of the cauldrons, giving you more points. These affect your score. You are given a limited number of orbs to match with and if you run out, the game is over.

Bubble Witch Saga also has power-up items and Facebook connectivity. You can earn gold in the levels to purchase the power-ups and other in-game accessories that can help you during your game.

Graphics in Bubble Witch Saga are static backgrounds with all the action happening in the foreground. The game does not have intricate graphics, but they fit Bubble Witch Saga very well. It is good that the game has a simple interface because it takes planning to maximize your shots.

While the gameplay of Bubble Witch Saga is fun, the game presents an annoying amount of in-game purchase options, including real money transactions. It breaks the fun of the game when you are inundated with purchase options. If the game was more intelligent in how it presented in-app purchases, it would be a lot more fun, but even having to wait for continues or needing to purchase them is a gameplay mechanic that should not be in a puzzle game.

Bubble Witch Saga has great gameplay, but the integration of in-app purchases is discouraging.

Bubble Witch Saga


Bubble Witch Saga 3.1.23

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